• How do you calculate the working time of your equipment?

      Operating time = 158Wh * 0.85 / your device's operating power
    • Can ES150 supply power to CPAP?

      ES150 can be used with the Philips ventilator, whose model is Dorma 500 Auto-60W, for 2.5 hours of continuous use.
    • How do I check if the generator is fully charged?

      When the LED display of the power station shows 100% and the light is not blinking, it means the generator is fully charged.
    • Is there any recommendation related to solar panels?

      We recommend that you choose solar panels with an output voltage of 10V-22V, and a power of 40-100W.(Please note that the specification of DC IN 15V port is 35135, and the size is 3.5mm)
    • What is the maximum wattage?

      ES150 generator can be used for devices which the watts less than 150W, and not recommend the heating products which more than 150W.