• Mobile Table Anywhere

    With inbuilt zippers, you can easily scale up the tabletop area by combining as many iNNOPOWER as you need in multimodes. Solve the problem of table area lacking and come in handy when night or rainy outdoor

  • Efficent and Stable 22.7% MONO Solar Cells

    Using high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, the S100 solar panels convert up to 22.7% of solar power into free energy, offering significantly better performance than conventional panels. Shadow-proof solar panel design that keeps converting and generating electricity efficiently even when trees or clouds stand in the way!

Designed for Compatibility

pair with most portable power stations easy to plud and unplud

  • Unfolded Dimensions
  • Folded Dimensions
  • For 100W

    For 200W
  • For 100W

    For 200W

Something more about our solar panel

  • Better products


  • Convenient carrying


  • 20°-70° free adjusting


What you can get

iNNOPOWER S100W *1, MC-4 Connector to DC Cable *1, MC-4 Connector to XT60 Cable *1, MC-4 Connector to Anderson Cable *1, DC Convertor*3, 12-Month Warranty