• What devices can the power station charge?

      Please note that the power station port can only charge devices with a maximum power of 700W, otherwise the power supply will be overloaded.
    • What kind of solar charger can charge this product?

      Any 12-28V solar charger with DC male connector.
    • How should I store and maintain the product?

      1. To extend the battery life, charge it to 100% after each use. 2. When not in use, turn off all buttons on the EN700Q. 3. We recommend charging 100% every month.
    • What should I do before I use it for the first time and what do I need to be aware of?

      Charge your portable power station to activate the battery before first use. Do not use the CPAP overnight and in power saving mode.
    • Why do power stations run out of batteries even when no equipment is connected?

      When the control buttons for AC and automotive outlets are turned on, there will be some idle power consumption. To avoid this, make sure the control buttons are turned off.
    • Does the 100W/200W INNOPOWER TRANPANEL Solar Panel generate a full 100W/200W of power?

      Rated 100W/200W is the optimal test result under ideal conditions. The output power can vary due to sunshine, panel orientation, temperature, etc. To get a higher power, please place it under strong sunlight, at a perfect angle, and avoid the shadow.
    • What can this SX100/SX200 charge?

      Built in a standard MC4 cable, you can use corresponding DC,Anderson,XT60 connectors to attach to nearly every power station on the market including Jackery/Bluetii/Ecoflow and so on.
    • Can SX100/SX200 charge portable media devcies like phone or tablet?

      SX100/SX200 is designed and most compatible for portable power station, no built in MPPT controller. But if having strong need, you can add and buy the MPPT conjunction box to unlock the function (Only can be used on SX100).
    • Does the package contains a power station?

      No. The package do not include a power station. If you want to build up a off grid charging and saving system, you need to buy a power station from innopower or others.